Navkar Paradise (Ongoing Project) - Gold Souk

No of Floors
G + 1st Gold Souk (Gold Market)
2nd Floor Offices
3rd and 4th Floor Podium Parking
5th Floor Podium Garden
6th to 19th Floor Residential

About the project  

Gold is regarded as Goddess Laxmi Incarnate - ‘The Goddess of wealth!

Gold for ages has been weaved into the Indian culture through various occasions and festivities and holds a significant role in every Indian household. Almost all Indians buy gold on auspicious days like Dushhera and Dhanteras as it is believed to bring prosperity. On festivities like Pongal, Onam and Durga Pooja, people traditionally buy gold to celebrate the good harvest season and welcome Goddess Durga respectively.

GOLD! A gift from the parent’s for their beloved daughter.
In Indian marriages the bride is donned with ornate gold ornaments that add to the beauty and glow of the bride. These ornaments also serve as insurance for the bride when she gets married. Known as the ‘Stree Dhan’ it is her rightful treasure, which comes handy in her difficult times. Gold has always been her savior.

In today’s times of fluctuating stock market, low interest rates from banks and unpredictable mutual funds, gold has emerged as a favourite form of investment. And the way the gold rates have been increasing, many have reaped the benefits of timely investments.

Gold Investment and Borivali:

Borivali is home to a lot of businessmen who have their businesses in Vapi, Dahanu and Surat and with new hi-rises springing up in Borivali the executives in the high net worth income group form a considerable percentage of Borivali’s ever increasing affluent residents.

These are all informed investors who have sailed through the turbulent times of recession and witnessed that gold is the only investment that has stood the test of time. Its value has only increased with every passing year, making it the steadiest form of investment.

With the ever increasing commitments of any individual, time is a luxury available to a very few, travelling to Zaveri Bazaar and Gold markets in Bandra is time consuming as well as a risky affair in a city like Mumbai.

Presence of Gold showrooms of Renowned Jewellers like Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri and Waman Hari Pethe in the vicinity is proof enough of an already established clientele.
It is this opportunity and market that we envisioned while planning the state-of-the-Art

‘Mumbai’s 1st Air-Conditioned Gold Souk (Gold Market)’.

We intend to deliver the best shopping experience through this unique ‘Gold Souk’. An experience that sets new bench marks in Gold Shopping. Your esteemed presence can only multiply it.
We therefore invite you to benefit from this ‘GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY’. Kindly read on to know the finer details…

Located at Borivali West’s famous L.T. Road, 10 mins from western express highway, 5mins walk from Borivali station, near showrooms of elite brands like Rolex, Rado watches and with presence of premium gold showrooms of Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, Om Jewellers, Manubhai Jewellers and Waman Hari Pethe.

You have an already established Gold clientele.

Truly ‘A Golden Opportunity’ A deal you would be proud of, when you look back a few years down the line. You’d definitely agree with us that it made complete business sense.


Sprawling over an area of 2,463.26 spacious commercial spaces designed with the sole focus of a mall that exclusively trades in gold on Ground floor & 1st Floor and premium office spaces on the 2nd floor.

A grand entrance lobby, complete with exquisite chandeliers and optimum Air-conditioning, sets the mood for shopping.

Landmarks close to Navkar Paradise
  • Siddhivinayak temple ( Vazira) - 0.75 km
  • St.Annes High School - 0.2 KM
  • Veer Savarkar Garden - 0.2 KM
  • Station Borivali - 1.0 KM
  • S.V. Road - 1.0 KM
  • Link Road - 1.0 KM
  • Gorai Creek - 2.75 KM
  • Don Bosco School. - 1.0 KM
A Complete Overview  

When you are dealing in gold, Security is of prime importance and we’ve it all covered. 24X7 scanning by CCTV cameras that constantly map the entire mall, never letting an inch go unnoticed.

Remote Viewing  

A Central Control Room where security guards are constantly on-guard; constantly monitoring the entire complex.
Centrally controlled locking system for all entry / exit points and passages incase of any eventuality.

Security Force  
A strong team of trained security guards could be stationed 24X7 at the ‘GOLD SOUK’; well equipped to handle any kind of possibility.


Automated Boom Barriers at all entry and exit points to ensure every vehicle is checked and scanned thoroughly.
  Public addressing System  

Equipped with a Public Addressing System to guide customers to safety in a panic situation/to announce special offers/make special/public announcements/to manage any situation effectively through public announcements.

  Fire Safety  

The entire Gold Souk and Office space is mapped with heat sensors, Smoke detectors, fire alarms and water sprinklers at requisite distance, as per the Fire Control Department, Mumbai’s regulations.


We believe -‘The way to client’s heart is also via his stomach’ Try it to believe it. Treat your esteemed customers to the delights of Indian, Western, Italian and Chinese cuisines served at your shop floor.

Space for a well-equipped cafeteria with all the pre - requisites has been designated and designed keeping the above in mind.

  Valet Parking  
Another service that takes away the hassle off the clients’ busy list, helping them spend more time shopping.

  Wheel Chairs and Kids trolleys

A wheel chair for the physically disabled or older folks and kids trolleys along with a ramp built for ease of movement ensures shopping here a complete family experience. A request to the authorities and the facility shall be happily arranged.

  Health and Hygiene  

We are aware that our generation is very conscious about health and hygiene. Therefore a specialty House Management Company could be roped in to manage and maintain the common areas and washrooms /restrooms. They would ensure cleanliness and hygiene in and around the ‘Gold Souk’, ensuring complete comfort for the clients throughout.

  Office Spaces  

“A happy employee always converts into happy profits”.
We strongly believe so.
Emerging on the famous L.T. Road, Borivali-West, Conveniently situated at 10mins from Borivali Station and Borivali flyover makes it an ideal location for an Office. Your employees and your clients might just bless you for taking care of their travel woes day-in and day-out.
Spacious open office spaces, A canvas for the creatively driven. The glass walls bring in ample sunlight and positivity for a fresh start every day.

  Recreation for employees  

A fully equipped gymnasium with an instructor who would help and guide the employees to stay healthy while they take on the stress of a modern job.
A recreation center helps promote inter-personal relations through games like Table Tennis, Carom, and Chess; yet another feature to help you gain profits.

  Ample Parking Space  
The biggest worry of any client visiting your office, Where do I park my car? It has been taken care of; what’s more he could a get a valet to park his car.

  Other Services  
Services like cafeteria, House Management and security services would be shared between ‘Gold Souk’ and office spaces, just to ensure your business moves profitably.

Since our humble beginnings a decade ago we, ‘Navkar Grooup’, have grown slowly and steadily; increasing our pace with every new venture we have undertaken and we are extremely happy about it.

Over the years Navkar Grooup has built for itself an unshakable reputation for delivering quality amenities, meticulous planning, designs that keep pace with the changing lifestyles, timely completion and handing over of projects, thanks to the continued trust our customers and patrons have shown in us.

From commercial spaces, independent homes and infrastructure development, we have had the opportunity to cater to a wide spectrum of clientele who have come to expect the best from us .

Navkar Grooup is team of young, vibrant and highly talented and commited professionals - engineers, architects, interior designers, and management personnel’s who work closely in synergy to form a construction company that is built on ethics, trust and commitment.

With over 18 prestigious projects at various stages of construction, Navkar Grooup is one amongst the eminent real estate companies in Mumbai, constantly delivering quality construction with the focus of building world-class projects that are relevant to our clientele.

‘Navkar Paradise’ further re-emphasizes our commitment to the changing lifestyle of our customers and their needs, a landmark project from Navkar Grooup.

We invite you to come and benefit from this ‘Golden Opportunity’.

Do visit or call us to know more details.

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