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“Navkar Grooup” a conglomeration of firms with a combined experience of 11 years is an upcoming property development company. Our firms’ portfolio of work has been established by likeminded individuals for enhanced synergies.

Our group is best known today for its quality of work and integrity. The success in such a short time can be attributed to the innovative ideas and passion for excellence. These coupled with our adaptability to change with use of newer technologies & materials has helped us scale new heights

Our group which started initially from Bandra (W) with two projects has today 14 projects simultaneously at various stages of redevelopment. The ongoing projects are located between Bandra to Dahisar at all the prime locations in these suburbs.

Along with an in- house staff, Navkar Grooup also has an association with renowned engineers, architects and professionals to ensure a quick delivery on all deadlines and services. We also assure an infrastructure for maintenance and upkeep of all the
projects. We are also committed to utilizing environmentally friendly processes.

Our activities branch out to real estate development, construction, redevelopment projects, facility management and infrastructure development. The distinguishing features of our projects are the highest quality standards that we set as benchmark, the unique living and working environment. Such features help our purchasers secure mortgage finance quickly and easily. Our overall objective is to satisfy the market segment that demands integrity and high quality construction with state of the artamenities at premium locations.


Navkar Grooup was founded by the Mr. Sameer Bhube and Mr. Satish Raut and to be joined by Mr. Mukesh Gala a couple of years down the line. Today, the company enjoys a strong presence in Mumbai’s suburbs. Our expertise as property developers goes back to several years, during which time we have had the opportunity to plan, implement and execute projects that have enhanced our professional abilities. Over years the group has built for itself an unshakable reputation for quality, efficiency, trust, meticulous planning, top quality amenities, superlative designs, timely completion, guaranteed possessions and handing over of projects. From commercials to infrastructure development to independent homes, we have had the opportunity to cater to a wide spectrum of clientele who have come to expect nothing but the best from us.

Navkar Grooup is a team of young, vibrant and highly professional engineers, architects, interior designers and management personnel working closely in synergy to form a construction organization that is built on ethics, trust and commitment. With over 14 projects at various stages of progress “Navkar Grooup” has entered the slot amongst the most eminent real estate companies of Mumbai. With over a decade of quality construction with a focus on building world class products have helped us enhance quality of life and customer delight. Our wide experience in addressing myriad needs has also given us a distinct advantage in terms of bringing the best of construction science into our project

Delving deeper into intricacies of real estate, we understand the needs of our clientele and realize that city life can often become a burden. Here at Navkar, we believe that our job is not just to build homes but also to build lifelong relationships, luxury is a priority and no compromises are made when it comes to the comfort of our valued customers. Because of our obsession with realty, the end result is always a landmark planned with passion!

  • Navkar Grooup is more than a construction company.
  • We are a dedicated team striving to bring growth to our community and assist our clients in making their dreams become a reality.
  • We instill honesty and Conduct our business ethically with the highest degree of integrity
  • We believe our employees are our best asset, working hard every day to complete each job with quality workmanship, attention to detail and pride.
  • Build lifestyles that conform to the best quality standards in designed construction
  • To be the most respected builder & developer in India and to be acknowledged as an organization which will last forever.

Navkar Grooup is committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value, respect, transparency and client satisfaction, as it is morality that forms the Corner stone of Our Business. We continue to meet the changing needs of our clients with our Innovative, Reliable and Qualitative services delivered by highly qualified people. The company enjoys a sound financial base, infrastructure and has requisite experienced manpower to undertake several large projects simultaneously. However, in our endeavor to deliver quality work, we are selective in choosing all our projects.


We are driven to lead this industry and recognize that each detail of a projects’ design is a step on the elevator to excellence. We believe in providing quality product on time conforming to the best industry standards, with excellent after sales support with focus on continual improvement. One of the hallmarks of Navkar Grooup’s success is its versatility, exemplified by its ability to build or redevelop buildings. We strive to develop a sense of cooperation between client and our team, offering a balance of leadership and responsiveness to bring our project to fruition.

Social Initiatives

While real estate is our primary business, we also strongly believe in the business of humanity. Over the years, our team has made increasing efforts to give back to the environment as much as we have taken from it. Research is integral to our approach and our company is definitely on the pathway to using green designs. All of our projects (completed and developing) have defined features that allow them to conserve energy, water and other resources.

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